ConferUp is dedicated to helping researchers in all areas of economics, finance, and public policy be more engaged with the research community.

For researchers

On ConferUp, as a researcher you can
  1. Post your profile
  2. Post short updates of interest to the community, such as breaking news, call for papers, launches of new programs, etc.
  3. Search for conferences of interest to you


Your profile page will include convenient links to your papers on the major search engines (Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search), SSRN, and EconPapers/RePEc. When you create your profile, you will receive a unique URL (for example: You can include this URL in your email signature block. This way, anyone you exchange emails with can conveniently view all your research from your profile. You can also include a brief bio on your profile.


You can share updates such as interesting news in the media, news from your department, etc. These updates will be visible on your profile page on ConferUp, as well as on the main updates page.


You can find new conferences and follow your favorite conferences. For all the conferences you follow, you can share and receive important updates from conference organizers and conversations with other researchers. You can view which conferences are being followed by your co-authors, colleagues and peers, and decide if you want to follow those conferences.

For conference organizers

It you are a conference organizer, you can post your conference information on ConferUp. You can then post updates to the conference (e.g. changes in submission dates, program announcements, paper acceptances, etc). These updates will be automatically delivered to all researchers who follow your conference.

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